(Free Download) Plus UI v 2.6.1 Premium Blogger Template Download

Plus UI v2.6.1 Blogger Template comes with a landing page that can be used also on the posting page, the design of this template is made simpler,

(Free Download) Plus UI v 2.6.1 Premium Blogger Template Download

Plus UI v2.6.1 Blogger Template comes with a landing page that can be used also on the posting page, the design of this template is made simpler but with complete features. The menu view is also made different from other templates, carrying the concept of 3 columns where the first column is devoted to the navigation menu that can be minimized the width of the navigation.

Every blogger knows about Jagodesain (except some) which provides the best quality with premium blog templates. But people always want more features in these models.

And the simple solution is Plus UI, which is a modified version of all these templates for a better look and functionality. Moreover, the Deo Kumar UI developer also includes advanced features and customizations for the modified template.

So, Let's Know All About It In Detail

Plus UI v2.6.1 Blogger Plus Template

Plus UI v2.6.1 is a new blog template created by a guy named Deo Kumar using the Imagz Template and Median UI Blogger Template. Moreover, the user interface comes with the IMagz landing page or UI concept of the middle UI control panel, and also includes the fletro pro template footer.

In short, we can say that Plus UI is a bundled version of IMagz, Median UI, and Fletro Pro from Jagodesain.

But it is not just a bundled version of these templates, it has some advanced features that you will not find in these default templates.


The creator has moved some important elements to the Blogger layout menu including the presentation page in order that customers do not need to try to change the HTML code of this template for minor improvements. Although it's not completely (there are some elements that can't be ported to Layout), it basically made this model more user-friendly for clients to use. Custom CSS extension account which can now be direct via the layout menu.


This template also includes CSS operators for shading configuration, all the shading codes are grouped in one place, currently, you don't need to try to change the tones and the cutting-edge news is that you can convert them directly via Blogger theme designer (Blogger > Themes > Customize).

Landing Page

There are about 10 landing page layouts that you can use and they will be added sporadically in the next update, all landing page layouts can be changed through the Blogger layout menu. The widget request can also be modified effectively like a blogger widget that you can put in the base before the footer. Not only on the landing page but this landing page can also be used on post pages and static pages, it is suitable for those who need to sell items on your site.

Custom Page

This template has a few custom landing pages or standard Blogger pages, as well as a few other look pages.

Blog Page

In standard templates landing page and history (search, branding) have a similar format, here we apply different designs to make your blog more experience. The home page and blog page, including the selected page with an alternate layout, are isolated as if the home page were isolated from the blog page.

Portfolio Page

For those with business or items available for purchase, we additionally offer portfolio pages that don't quite match the standard page layouts. Its use is also simple, add a certain tag to your post. If you have coding capabilities, you may be able to change the mood of this page as you wish.

Full read Page

This element is adapted from the medium.com blog where the sidebar segment is neglected and, on reflection, the vacant space is used more as a resting place so that the eyes of the blog users do not wear out quickly. On the blog owner's side, it would probably be horrible if the sidebar could be an opening to remove promotions. However, when it comes to customer experience, this idea is nice with customers or blog guests, no big surprise if huge weblogs, for example, Medium.com and Vice.com use this idea.

Ad Slot

The writer also gave slots for instant advertising positions, you simply have to add the promotion unit icon to the given space. Promotion opportunities offered by the creators include:

  • Sticky ad in the sidebar
  • In-feed ad on the blog page (2 ads)
  • Anchor ad that will appear at the bottom of the blog when accessed via mobile
  • Top and Bottom article
  • In-article or middle article ad (2 ads)
  • Matched content ad (related ad)
  • Key Features of iMagz Blogger Template
  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy Customize
  • Ads Optimize
  • Fast Loading
  • Mobile First
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • New Features in iMagz v1.2
  • Post with Dual Language Concept
  • Header Notification
  • Image Slider Widget
  • Social Profile Icons
  • AMP Version Available
  • RTL Support
  • Easier to edit through Layout Section
  • Sponsored Post Page
  • Simple Navigation Menu
  • Automatic Table of Contents
  • More Ad Slots

Feature of Plus UI v2.6.1 Blogger Template

As we know, Plus UI was built with the help of Median Ui and Imagz Mostly, so the main features are Plus UI is probably the same, but we have mentioned all the main features below.

Check Availability Of Key Features Of The Plus UI v2.6.1 Template

  • Responsive
  • Google Tool Validator
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 404 Page
  • Featured Post
  • Shortcode
  • Auto Read More With Thumbnail
  • Ads Ready
  • Responsive Footer
  • Social Follow Button
  • Multi Drop Down
  • Search Widget
  • Related Posts With Thumbnails
  • Social Share Button
  • Email News Letter Widget
  • Recent Post Widget
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Responsive Menu And Layout

New Features of Plus UI v2.6.1

  1. Page Speed 98
  2. Progress Bar
  3. Gradient Footer Effect
  4. Disabled CTRL + U and CTRL + C
  5. Language Translator
  6. Comment TickBar
  7. Page Speed 98
  8. Safelink Updated

Why is Plus UI different from others?

There are many features that justify the use of this model over others, so let's talk about these features briefly.

1. Design:

We have tried many templates for your blog but always found few layouts which can be accessed with dashboard UI like Intermediate UI, MSd, etc, and then again some accessible layouts with features from the overview page, like IMagz and Blanter.

However, Plus UI accompanies Dashboard UI + Landing Page Feature, and also has a proper footer plan that makes this design interesting compared to the others.

How to Download

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