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(Free Download) Median Ui v1.6 Blogger Template Free Download

Hi Friends, You find the Median UI v1.6 Premium Blogger theme at this time. also free download. yes, your Searching is Finished. We are Providing a free Median UI v1.6 Premium blogger theme At this Time. This is the Latest Version of the Median UI Blogger Theme. this theme gives a High-quality Blog Experience. because this theme is given high-quality Svg Icons and Clean Professional Look. 

Median Ui v1.6 Blogger Template Free Download
Median Ui v1.6 Blogger Template Free Download

Amazing Features was Added to This Median Ui template. this theme is fully Responsive to all Web browsers and Devices. If you Want to Download This Median UI v1.6 Theme we have added it to this Webpage

Jaago Desai has released the new version of Median UI, Median UI v1.6.0. Average UI is the most sought-after model for bloggers. It has many useful features.

Let's see what are the features of Median UI v1.6.

Please purchase this theme from Legally from the Official Owner. if you want to get this file on the Legal method please visit jagodesain.com.

What is median UI?

One of the best templates for bloggers, Mean UI. It is responsive and ad-ready. Get instant approval from Adsense or any other ad network. One of the advantages is that it is a very fast-loading model. It usually takes 2 seconds for the website to load completely.

Theme Features

  • Highly Responsive
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Adsense Friendly
  • Ultra-Fast Loading
  • Dark mode inbuild
  • Lazyload Support
  • Ad slots Available
  • Fixed Sidebar and Sticky Sidebar Option
  • Advance Social Share Buttons
  • Multitab Script Box Inbuilded
  • Custom Footer Copyright
  • Sticky Bottom Sticky Ads
  • 404 Error page
  • Adsense Ads Friendly
  • More...

Features of Median Ui v1.6

Features Availability
Best Responsive Yes
Fast Loading Yes
Google Validator Tool Yes
SEO Friendly Yes
Mobile Friendly Yes
Lazy Load Images Yes
Social Media Follow Button Yes
404 Redirection Page Yes
Social Media Share Button Yes
Multimedia Drop Down Yes
Responsive Menu and Layout Yes
Detailed Documentation Yes
Easily Customizable Yes
Related Posts with Thumbnail Yes
Adsense Friendly Yes
Inbuilt Dark Mode Yes
Adsense Ads Friendly Yes
Bottom Sticky Ads Yes
Fixed Sidebar and Sticky Sidebar Yes
Safelink Yes

Discussion of Premium Features of Median Ui v1.6

Loading Speed

If you can't get the right loading speed for your site, you should use Median UI v1.6. On average, Median UI v1.6 provides an ideal loading speed for your website.

If you check Google Page Insights, it will show scores of 85+ on mobile and 95-97 on desktop, which is perfect for a website.


Median UI v1.6 comes with a nice sticky sidebar. This is the core structure of the Median UI theme. You can svg the icon for your menu decoration. Plus, you can provide your social identifier without creating another menu.

Color codes can also be managed according to your choice.

Ajax Loader 

The main reason why Wake Dacian's Median UI is so famous and desired is the Ajax Content Loader. Ajax loader does the main one thing. Brings new content to the website without loading the website. It is very convenient for the user. The content is fetched from the server and the page is reloaded frequently.

Table of Content

When Median UI 5 was released, another feature released with it was automatic content indexing. But it had some bugs and glitches. With the release of Median UI v1.6, they re-released a completely redesigned Auto Table of Contents. You just need to write the article and shorten the title and subtitle and subtitle. It will automatically detect them and put them in its index.

Dark (Night) Mode

Median always comes with a built-in dark mode. In Median Ui v1.6, you will have 2 toggle buttons through which you can toggle between dark mode and bright mode.

Google recommends using Dark Mode on your website. 

Social Share Pop-up

Median UI v1.6 comes with a pop-up dialog that lets you share your content with your social followers. Many bloggers use third-party scripts to fetch these buttons, but Median Ui v1.6 comes with these buttons.

In addition, you can customize these buttons.

Seo Meta Tags

In this template, you will find embedded SEO meta tags. SEO meta tags are important to make your website friendly. All the meta-schemas like title, description, FAQ, and much more are already available on this topic.

Adsense Friendly

Adsense disapproves of most of the sites because their site is not built according to Adsense policies. But there is no problem with this matter. This topic is recommended if you are getting rejected from AdSense every time

Amp Version

This theme also has its own AMP theme. News sites are instructed to use the AMP theme so that their site loads within a time limit. Median UI v1.6 has its own AMP version of the theme with no differences.

You can not make out that you are using the normal version of Median Ui v1.6 or Amp version of Median Ui v1.6

How to Download?

Let’s create this Blogger template your own way and see how you can install it on your website. I am going to give you all the information about it. Let's See...


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