The Impact of Patient-Tracking Technology on Healthcare

First, it was invented to accompany the supply chain management system. Second, it can do so much more. - Read more about Healthcare
The Impact of Patient-Tracking Technology on Healthcare

has a lot to offer the healthcare industry. Things like value for money, quality healthcare, user-friendly subscriptions/consulting sessions, better patient experience, or satisfaction are available.

Physicians, medical billing companies, and patients therefore all stakeholders in the healthcare industry owe it to the technology, innovation, and research that is being done in the industry.

Tracking technology is one method that appears to help when implemented intelligently in healthcare systems. as such? Let's find out!

Use it

First, it was invented to accompany the supply chain management system. Second, it can do so much more.

A California medical center decided to test the system. They asked their patients to wear a barcode tag on their wrists. The barcode syncs with the software to feed all patient location information.

In short, it is revolutionary in terms of patient management. For example, when a patient is discharged from the hospital, instead of notifying the cleaning department manually, it automatically sends a notification and updates its records accordingly.

Using tracking technology solely for this purpose would help improve patient visits and ease their stay in hospitals. In MIPS, you score for using this technology by a scale in the Improvement Activities (AI) category.

Tracking systems improve patient visits

Another problem that doctors or nurses face in hospitals is the unnecessary roaming of patients. By incorporating this patient tracking system, doctors remain comfortable even if patients move away. In short, the team has to go through less pressure.

Thus, it is easier to track patients. Moreover, it will not cost you to search for it anymore. Ultimately, this means more revenue is generated at the end of the day, which is the number one reason to choose medical billing companies in the first place.

Other Benefits of Tracking Technology in Healthcare

In further investigations by healthcare organizations, they concluded that this technology can track high-risk patients. For each hospital visit, providers can supply them with control, providing them with a long-term health plan based on their health conditions.

Also, through this method, medical billing companies can have a better system in their hands against patients and, eventually, fully reimburse physicians. There is also a program running PatientPing (Source: NJ Biz) that informs various healthcare professionals about patient visits.

As innovative as it is, this technology is here to take emergency care to another level. Healthcare professionals know the medical history right away. In addition, it is specifically designed to deliver a better data-driven healthcare plan to the patient.

If you talk about the value-based incentive program, scoring for it - MIPS - becomes easy. Problems that occur when integrating EHR (electronic health record) technology can be resolved immediately. Usually, they don't realize the know-how for patient visits. Thus, improving interoperability in general. While we are achieving one of the goals of the Quality Payment Program (QPP), the sooner we implement it, the faster we will receive incentives.


Unfortunately, this technology is not very popular yet. The relatively new situation persists in many healthcare communities. While its usefulness is enormous, we can only hope that it becomes part of the practice. On the one hand, it improves the patient experience, and on the other hand, it brings good news to clinicians as a quality enhancer. Trials have been successful for use in hospitals as more than just a tracking system.

Additionally, qualified clinicians (ECs) can use this technology to earn a higher score in MIPS 2020 reporting. Effective recording of patient visits and transparent and timely communication between clinicians improves the performance of medical billing services in the United States. 

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