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Kompi Safelink V2 Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Kompi Safelink V2 Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Kompi Safelink Template Specification

Kompi Safelink V2 Template is a responsive blogger template created for the Safelink Blog. This model is encrypting your link and keeps the link safe from viruses, malware, thieves, etc.! Your link is safe for viewing. It has the ability to fit any screen size with its fully encoded responsive design and will look stunning on any device. Kompi Safelink V2 Blogger template comes with tons of features without compromising its loading speed and clean design.

SafeLink's simple function is to automatically switch all external links to a specific page that displays the actual link. SafeLink will automatically encode external links to the main blog, which external links will be clicked on when entering a specific page. SafeLink Premium uses random posts, so external links to the main blog will be encrypted, which will be randomly posted on a specific page (not transferred to just one page). SafeLink is safe for Adsense ads. This Template is Uploaded by Xady TechNow, if you use Adsense, SafeLink must use HTTPS and submit it to Google Search Console so that Adsense ads can be displayed correctly. This Safelink is for Blogspot, but it must use a custom domain or TLD to avoid errors. Below is a screenshot of the homepage, post page, and mobile post page.

Remove loading effects so that templates load faster.
Minimize the intro header on the homepage so that it's simpler.
Bring up the intro header on the posting page to display ads.
Add an anti-boom code to click ads.
Add transfer UC Browser to Google Chrome on mobile.
And tidy up some other parts to make it simpler.
It's simple, just suck directly


Featured Availability
Safelink, One Column True
Build With Bootstrap 3 True
Google Testing Validator  True
SEO Friendly  True
Adsense Support  True
Valid Schema.org  True
Browser Compatibility Blogger Template  True
Responsive Ad Slot  True
Simple Design Blogger Template  True
Fast Loading True
And many more True

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